Target Identification

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Biology of the disease is complex and drug development must be driven by insights into biological response. Systems biology bridges this gap by enhancing the understanding of physiological and disease complexity. Systems biology provides a rational basis for drug target development. Drug discovery costs continue to rise while approval rates fall despite the availability of large amount of biological information in post-genomic era. We believe through our systems biology platform tools we can enhance the molecule-to-system level understanding of human disease. We have developed cutting edge simple tools for automatic analysis and integration of genomics, proteomics datasets and generation of hypothesis for testing. We use “omics” based analysis tools to identify targets and answer questions like what genes, proteins or phosphorylation states of proteins are up-regulated in multitude of disease systems ? Questions like this leads to testable predictions linking the role of different genes, proteins and pre/posttranslational modifications of proteins with complex physiological process leading to disease. Our goal in this area is to create personalized therapies by identifying and linking specific pathways active in a specific disease and in individual patients.

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